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The American Academy of Hospitality Sciences (AAHS) is an establishment of reviewers specializing in the reviewing of hotels, resorts, spas, airlines, cruise lines, automobiles, products, restaurants and chefs. It is most notably known for its reviews on the hotels, resorts, and travel industries. The Academy started of as a restaurant rating bureau, founded in 1949. The current establishment is an offspring of this early group of reviewers and was officially founded in 1989. The Academy is most known for its International Star Diamond Award.


The Academy is based in New York City and is directed by Joseph Cinque. The members of the Board are experienced in both travel and the stated industries. The Academy also includes a large board of honorary trustees that serve as regional directors, general managers, restaurateurs, chefs, and other functions.

The International Star Diamond Award

The most known aspect of the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences is the International Star Diamond Award. The award is the most prestigious award of true excellence in hospitality, gastronomy, attitude, quality, cleanliness, and above all service. The Academy receives a large number of possible recipients for the award from respectable sources around the world. The selection is then refined by the Board of Trustees. The final evaluation is a visit by an anonymous inspector to review the destination and its services.

The award itself has multiple formats:

– For hotels and resorts, a set of gold-plated plaques including the logo and engraved signatures of the three board members;

– For restaurants, a set of plaques, both gold and silver-plated, with the logo and signatures;

– For chefs, a plaque with recognition engravings and a medal;

– A framed letter from the Academy recognizing the destination’s winning of the award;

– Lapel pins and cuff links in a jewelry box.

An additional format of a plate has been used for chefs.

6 Star Diamond Award Property Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, FL

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6 Star Diamond at Tangla Tianjin

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